Fundraising Activities

Centerville Science Olympiad Organization (CSOO) relies on support from our parents and community partners. Some easy ways to support the organization and its Science Olympiad teams is through fundraising activities. CSOO believes the competitors time and effort are better spent on studying and preparing for competition than running around town trying to sell things to raise funds. As such, CSOO seeks opportunities to passively earn income through parent and community support. Here are some easy ways to support Science Olympiad in Centerville, Ohio. 

Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Family of Companies is committed to community engagement, positive social impact and charitable giving at the national and local levels. Every community is unique, but their common goal is to partner with the neighborhoods they serve and help people live healthier lives.

One of the ways is through our Kroger Community Rewards program. This program makes fundraising easy by donating to local organizations based on the shopping you do every day. Once you link your Card to an organization, all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Shopper’s Card. 

How Kroger Community Rewards Works